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Do I have to be home when the tank is pumped?
No, you can make arrangements over the phone or leave us a  diagram, but you definitely don't need to be home!

How long does it take to pump out my tank?
Depending on the size and circumstances of your tank, pumping can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour

What is an As-Built, and how do I get one?
If you aren't sure about the location of your tank, you may need an "As-Built." This document shows the location of your structure's septic tank as it was built, and can be picked up at your town hall.

How often do grease traps need to be pumped?
Grease traps vary in their service frequency based on the size of the unit and its level of use. We can work with you to determine a service frequency that works well for your circumstances.

How far in advance can I schedule a pumping?
You can call to schedule an appointment as far in advance as you wish. We offer recurring appointments to our commercial customers, and can send reminder notices on an annual basis.

What is a cesspool?
It is a privately owned sewerage system generally consisting of a pit underground where sewerage flows into and is stored, sometimes also known as a holding tank.  It should be pumped empty on a regular basis to prevent overflowing and cause of spillages/pollution.

What is a septic tank?
It is an underground tank for wastewater and sewage from a private home. The bacteria in the sewage decompose the organic wastes, and the sludge settles to the bottom of the tank. The effluent flows out of the tank into the ground through drains.

What can go wrong with a septic tank or cesspool?
A septic tank or cesspool can overflow or may leak.  If a septic tank or cesspool leaks a drainage engineer must be called out to remove the waste and clear up the sewage. The cause of the leak must be identified and remedied.

How do I avoid having problems?
For septic tanks: Avoid excessive usage of household detergents or bleaches; these upset the biological balance of the system. Do not overload the system by connecting rain or water drains to septic tanks or cesspools.

For cesspools: Check the level in the tank regularly, and do not let it overfill. Have it emptied at regular intervals: these will be required more frequently if you install a dishwasher for instance.

How often does my septic tank need emptying?
An average household will usually need the septic tank emptied every 2 to 3 years. This will vary depending on usage, size of tank and if there are any unknown problems with the tank. It is important to have the septic tank emptied at the correct intervals, to avoid excessive build up of sludge.   

How can I prolong the life of my septic tank?
Repair leaky fixtures and conserve water, the more water you put through your septic tank, the more water it must treat and quicker it may stop working.  Avoid pouring grease, coffee grounds and similar materials down your kitchen drain. Also remember that some cleaning materials and solvents may cause damage to your system. Don't use your toilet and septic system as a rubbish bin, as this will will add to the sludge build up and overload the bacteria in the septic tank.

How do I know if there is a problem with my septic tank?
There may be odours, persistent wet spots and/or lush green growth in any areas of your system.
The system may back up into the shower or bath.
Problems continue even when the septic tank has been recently pumped/cleaned .

What if I have a problem?
Problems occur only very rarely, but should be put right as soon as possible. If you are unable to locate the problem and deal with it yourself, call out a specialist contractor. We also offer a maintenance and/or repair service.

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